The COVID-19 crisis shed light both on the importance of digital education in the perspective of European digital transformation, and on home-based exercise during quarantine and restriction periods. New Eurobarometer on sport and physical activity reported that the proportion of Europeans who never exercised or engaged in a sport has increased, particularly in Italy, Portugal, Croatia and Latvia. This project gathers an appropriate mix of participating organizations (traditional and telematic universities, NGO, sport confederations and clubs) for tele-exercise, involving newcomers and less experienced organizations.

The objectives of the project TELEexe4ALL are:


To develop a new open-source platform that delivers supervised and interactive (synchronous or asynchronous) group exercise sessions encouraging participation in sport and physical activity (1st specific sport priority);


To create an online educational course of tele-exercise to encourage education in sport (3rd specific sport priority).


The platform “TELEexe4ALL” will provide the opportunity: to organize 1024 sessions of synchronous tele-exercise for general and special populations (200 persons) and athletes with and without disabilities (100 athletes); to broadcast 150 hours of asynchronous tele-exercise for target groups and athletes; to organize 4 online competitions for 200 athletes with and without disabilities; to address horizontal priorities by tele-exercise creating short video messages to promote social inclusion, environmental and climate-change.

An advanced training courses in tele-exercise will also be offered to 200 fitness trainers to enlarge the spectrum of professionals able to shift their programs from in-person to home-based interventions. Moreover, the consortium will define the standards for tele-exercise for general/special populations and athletes generating 2 scientific articles and 2 white papers. To amplify the dissemination, five events will be organized inviting 18 external expert, 20 decision makers and 300 stakeholders.

Contact of the Coordinator

eCampus University





Via Isimbardi, 10 – 22060 Novedrate (CO)

Primary Contact person:

Prof.ssa Manuela Cantoia